CUTOMATIC is a new and unique substrate cutter and forming machine.  With cutomatic the clamp and cut tasks are mechanized to reduce the skill level, reduce the physical effort and increase accuracy and uniformity of cutting and forming sheet stock.

At last you can cut the tough materials such as expanded pvc, coroplast, in single pass with total reliability and repeatability.

CUTOMATIC is the only substrate cutter on the market that uses a mechanism to multiply the force applied by the operator.  Because the cutter head is remotely powered by the operator (motor driven models are available) the amount and direction of the force applied to the cutter head is totally controlled by the cutter drive mechanism.

The operator independent clamping mechanism applies a force of over 100 pounds to securely hold the material in position while it is being cut.
*Compressed air required for clamp operation.*

Have you ever tried to cut a 4x8 in half with the standard "push the slide" cutters..? Very difficult because you have to reach across the sheet to push the cutter head.

With CUTOMATIC the cutter head is driven, by a mechanism that is remotely powered by the operator or a motor.  The operator stays in a fixed position as the cutter head is remotely driven across the sheet being cut.  The operator is out of the way of the sheet being cut.  This allows the operator to cut any size without reaching to push the cutter head.

Cutomatic has interchangeable modular heads which expands it's capability to cut many other materials, such as drywall, carpeting, paneling, rubber sheeting, vinyl sheeting, etc
In addition to modular cutter heads CUTOMATIC has a modular head that creates a BEND LINE on cardboard, coro, and foamcore. These materials can easily be bent along the BEND LINE to form three dimensional objects such as displays, boxes, from  the sheet stock.

CUTOMATIC is the most cutter for the money.  It cuts the tough materials faster and easier than any cutter on the market


As of May 1, 2006 cutomatic has been totolly redesigned and renamed to cutomatic 2G.  After 10 years we have upgraded the design to capture all knowledge and experience we have gained while,  building and selling cutomatic.  We have sold to companies like Boeing and Microsoft and have improved the product to meet there tough demands.  The cutomatic 2g is stronger and simpler.  We have eliminated almost half of the parts and fasteners.